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Best Practices: Fukushima University Ambassadors Program

Fukushima University invites students from partner universities to join Japanese students on a two-week journey through the prefecture to learn about the continuing effects of events of 3/11. View a brief description from the program website »

“The Fukushima Ambassadors Program is an opportunity for students from around the world to see, hear, and reflect objectively upon the challenges faced in Fukushima today. By implementing a community-service based, hands-on approach to learning, the program helps students evaluate preconceptions they may have had about post-3/11 Fukushima, and become, if they wish, an agent for its recovery.”

Also, a reflection by a Japanese student not from Fukushima:

“I made friends with many, many kind American students and learned many things about the big earthquake in Fukushima in northeastern Japan. Because I come from Miyagi prefecture, I did not really understand how the current situation in Fukushima was.”

Quoted in Japan Looks to Take Flight (Charlotte West, NAFSA, 2015)

See video of the 2014 Fukushima Ambassadors Program, with students from the State University of New York, Albany

View a website created by students from San Francisco State University after participating in the program