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University of California student working in laboratory at Osaka University

Photo courtesy of University of California Education Abroad Program



Best Practices: Osaka University World Tekijuku

Osaka University’s Top Global project is entitled World Tekijuku. The
university, by 2017, will set up World Tekijuku graduate schools, new-generation global graduate schools based on new interdisciplinary research established by the Institute for Academic Initiatives set up under the president. These World Tekijuku graduate schools will drive
graduate school system reform at the university as a whole in the future as an organization for demonstrating the strength of its cross-border education and research and characteristics of its flexible personnel system management. Learn more »

“The original Tekijuku successfully nurtured scholars who led the modernization of Japan and the birth of the Meiji era. This was an
epoch-making period in Japan’s history. We are confident that the concept of the World Tekijuku will play an important role in the resolution of diversity engendered conflicts by creating harmonious diversity through scholarship.”

—Toshio Hirano, President, speaking about Osaka University’s World
Tekijuku program
, 2015